North 36th Street at Troll Avenue North (under the Aurora Bridge)
Seattle, Washington 98103

Now in its 20th year, the annual Fremont Solstice Parade began in 1989 and has become a favorite citywide community art parade in Seattle's neighborhood of "funky" Fremont. An unparalleled demonstration of free speech, creativity, art and community, we cast a spell of joy, hope and rebirth that spreads from Fremont to the entire universe. We welcome wild, weird, engaging, surprising, delightful, beautiful, collaborative, innovative art of all stripes.

Everyone is welcome to participate! No experience necessary.

Be Part of the Parade
Everyone's welcome to join the Solstice Parade! However, we appreciate it a lot if you can register yourself (or your group) ahead of time.

The Four Parade Rules:

* No printed words or recognizable logos.
* No live animals (except guide animals).
* No motorized vehicles (except necessary wheelchairs).
* No (real) weapons.

The Parade Route
The Parade START is just west of downtown Fremont at NW 36th St & 3rd Ave NW. It heads east to Fremont Place and Fremont Ave N, and then continues east along N 34th St to Stone Way. Finally, it turns right onto Northlake Ave N, with a finale at GasWorks Park.
Click here for a handy (and printable!) Parade route map

(Insider's tip: the best Parade viewing is where the crowd thins out, towards the second half of the route - especially on N 34th near Stone Way and continuing along Northlake Ave N near Gas Works.)

Official Website:

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