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Los Angeles, CA – (November 22, 2011) - The INTERNATIONAL SHIT MOVIE FILM FESTIVAL in 2-D, which celebrates absurd comedy shorts from up-and-coming and established filmmakers, returns to The Silent Movie Theatre on Friday, December 16th at 7:00pm PST.

Created from the mind of filmmaker Lon Strickland, the INTERNATIONAL SHIT MOVIE FILM FESTIVAL presents itself as a feature film with short stories weaved into an absurd narrative. Strickland adds, “It’s about a specific style of comedy; Bad as form. ‘Tim & Eric Awesome Show -Great Job!’ on Adult Swim is a great example of the ‘shit’ style. It’s also not a festival where you take yourself too seriously! It’s about having a good time, networking, and giving talented absurdist filmmakers an opportunity to interact with a live audience in a landmark theater, which brings a certain fulfillment that new media outlets cannot.”

Last year’s festival featured work from Alex Winter (Bill of Bill & Ted fame) and Dane Boedigheimer (Creator of well-known YouTube icon Annoying Orange, which was recently picked up as an animated series on Cartoon Network). This year we can expect to see work from Tommy Wiseau (Director, writer and actor of the cult hit The Room), an unaired (and unfunded) episode of Adult Swim’s Moral Orel, a 34 year old ‘David Lynch’ will be there in person, and the creator of heaven and earth known simply as ‘God’ is rumored to make an appearance as well. Magical 2-D glasses will be distributed at the event and must be worn at all times.
Check out www.shitmovies.net for more info, and visit http://shitmovie.eventbrite.com to purchase your tickets.

For additional information, please contact: [email protected]

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