1233 Preservation Park Way
Oakland, California 94612

Aspiration invites you to the 2008 Nonprofit Software Development Summit!

Are you a developer writing code to support nonprofit needs? Are you a nonprofit user with strong opinions about what software you need developed to empower your programs and operations? Are you someone who just cares about seeing better technology developed to address the broad range of issues we face as a global community?

The 2008 Nonprofit Software Development Summit will be the second annual convening of people and organizations developing software tools, web applications and other technology to support social justice causes. Bringing together a diverse range of developers, technologists, managers, eRiders, integrators, users and other practitioners who self-identify under the umbrella of “developing nonprofit software”, the 2008 Dev Summit will provide an opportunity both to gather as a community and to take stock of the field, while building connections and capacity.

The Summit will take place at Preservation Park in Oakland, California, from November 17th to 19th, 2008.

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The 2008 Nonprofit Software Development Summit is graciously supported by Sun, Google, Open Source Matters, and CiviCRM.

Official Website: http://www.aspirationtech.org/events/devsummit08

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