Oahu, Hawaii

Since 1997, the annual conferences on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI) have been the principal international forums for the presentation and discussion of outstanding research and applications involving intelligent user interfaces, a field that intersects Human Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence. In 2007, we will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the first IUI conference. Equally exciting, we will be celebrating this occasion in a fitting location: on the beautiful island of Oahu in Hawaii. Since we have seen more and more work in intelligent user interfaces coming from many regions of the world, it is fitting that Oahu, which means “the gathering place,” serve as the meeting venue for IUI 2007.

IUI focuses on human-computer interfaces that require intelligent techniques to bring them to fruition. IUI meetings reflect the wide range of interests and creativity of the community including:

Natural language techniques in interfaces,
Example and programming based interfaces,
Personalization and recommender systems,
Machine learning,
Planning and reasoning in interfaces,
Intelligent multimodal input and output technologies including new techniques for recognizing gestures and attention,
Interfaces for intelligent learning systems,
Interfaces and techniques for ubiquitous computing,
Interfaces and techniques for affective computing,
Novel interfaces.

IUI 2007 will consist of plenary paper sessions, invited keynote speakers, short paper posters, demonstrations of work in progress, workshops, and tutorials. As in past IUI conferences, IUI 2007 will not have parallel sessions so that all attendees will be exposed to the new ideas of their fellow attendees with ample time for exciting discussions.

Official Website: http://iuiconf.org/

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