The Embarcadero
San Francisco, California

Whole mess of military ships, from aircraft carriers to USCG cruisers sailing into SF Bay while the Blue Angels fly over. Yeah, it's a gawdy display of military pizazz, but it's my tax money darn it and one heck of a show.

Official Website:

Added by jrconlin on May 11, 2007



I'll be there ;^D -- its on the


I will drive from LA. Can anyone tell me whether I need to buy ticket at the place?

La Molisana

I'll be there on a sailboat on the bay! Went last was awesome!

Mom of US Sailor

What is with the Canadian ships this year? They are not part of our fleet. Did someone mess up and not schedule more of our ships?


those jets or so cool me & pookie will be there


Don't forget -- there's another firework on Saturday night.
Starting sometime between 8:30 (official schedule) and 9:30 (previous show).


Wished there were more ships this year & next years. Air show was awesome especially the blue angels!