Downtown Berkeley (Multiple Venues)
Berkeley, California 94703

“While many festivals are held in all-inclusive venues, such as fairgrounds or amphitheatres, the Berkeley “happening” takes place in a plethora of settings, giving festival-goers a chance to explore the many niches of downtown Berkeley.” ~ Jim Harrington, Oakland Tribune

Welcome to Berkeley, the setting for the exciting Downtown Berkeley Jazz Festival! A vibrant city with a burgeoning Arts District at its core, the Downtown serves as a destination for a diverse array of world-class music, theatre, film and cuisine.

The Downtown Berkeley Jazz Festival is a 5-day summer music festival celebrating jazz and related styles of music from throughout the world. Music and correlated cultural events including poetry, dance, film and cuisine are featured at various venues throughout the Downtown, promoting the arts and contributing to a more lively downtown community.

Featuring an electrifying lineup of artists each year, the Downtown Berkeley Jazz Festival highlights Berkeley’s arts and entertainment scene, attracting enthusiasts from throughout the Bay Area and beyond to the Downtown to enjoy the best of the best in Berkeley.

Expanding on the eclectic nature of Downtown Berkeley, the ’07 Downtown Berkeley Jazz Festival features a wide range of music – jazz, Afro-Caribbean and South American music, “world music” and “new forms”. Poetry once again, plays a major part in the Festival’s list of offerings. With over 50 events nestled within the confines of the Downtown, the Downtown Berkeley Jazz Festival contributes to moving Berkeley’s cultural renaissance forward. We invite you to join us August 22-26, for an unforgettable week celebrating the arts in our inimitable city of Berkeley.

“The Downtown Berkeley Jazz Festival is just the latest of many wonderful additions to our arts community and reinforces Berkeley’s reputation for a lively and creative arts and entertainment scene.” ~ Tom Bates, Mayor of Berkeley

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