6712 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90028

The seventh annual DIY Convention's entry deadline for
music/film festival submissions arrives at midnight this Thursday, January 25, 2007.

Entry details for both the DIY Film Festival and DIY Music Festival are online at www.diyconvention.com. Festival submission entitles the submitter to attend all other DIY events.

Ticket prices for the entire convention will also go up at midnight on Thursday. High school and college students get free admission to the panel portion of the show if they RSVP to [email protected] by Feb. 6 and have a valid school ID card.

The 2007 DIY Convention offers panels on podcasting, licensing music, blogging, MySpace/YouTube success, book publishing and digital entertainment. Showcases, screenings and parties are also on tap. The event focuses on creating, promotion, protecting and distributing independent film, music, books and digital media as related by people who have achieved success.

Convention highlights include:

*** Acclaimed writer/director Henry Jaglom will have a special
Hollywood premiere of his new "Hollywood Dreams" film at the 2007 DIY Convention, to be held February 9-11, 2007 at the Egyptian Theatre in the heart of Hollywood.

*** Two special lunchtime industry showcases for DIY Music Festival winners will be held at Hollywood’s Hotel Café. The Thursday showcase, for film/music supervisors, is sponsored by Bug Music. The Friday session is for general record industry and is cosponsored by CDBaby and the National Assn. of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP).

*** A special reception honoring DIY Film Festival winners will be held Friday night at the Egyptian Theatre.

*** CDBaby founder Derek Sivers will give his annual address to the DIY community as a highlight of Saturday's panel session.

*** Jerry Heller, the man who discovered N.W.A, will talk about his new artist-friendly company and his recently-published memoir, "Ruthless," as the Saturday session keynote.

Tickets to the events are now available online at www.diyconvention.com or by calling the DIY offices at 323-665-8080 during business hours.

High school and college students with valid ID will be admitted free to the panel portion of the event if they RSVP with full name, address and contact information to [email protected] by Feb. 6, 2007.

The DIY Convention is sponsored by ASCAP, Indie Bible, Discmakers, Bug Music, Final Draft Screenplay Software, The Hollywood Creative Directory, CDBaby, NARIP, IndieGate.com, Shopper Shuttle and Westside Websites.


THURSDAY, FEB. 8: 12 noon: Eleni Mandell headlines a DIY Music Festival showcase for film/music supervisors, sponsored by Bug Music. Hotel Café, VIP ticket required.

FRIDAY, FEB. 9: 12 noon: DIY Music Festival winners showcase, sponsored by CDBaby and NARIP. VIP ticket required.

1 p.m. How To Sell 10,000 CDs Next Year
Moderator: Noel Ramos, IndieGate.com
# Cathy Richardson, recording artist
# Howie Rosen, radio promoter
# Dave Freeman, Bug Music
# Jason Spiewak, Rock Ridge Music
# Bob Catania, Chime Entertainment

* * *
2:30 p.m. The Future of Digital Entertainment
Moderator: Bruce Haring, DIY Convention
# Gilles BianRosa, CEO Azureus
# Xeni Jardin, NPR
# Mark Chasan, Greenbridge Capital

* * *
3:30 p.m. YouTube/MySpace Success Stories
Moderator: Bruce Haring, DIY Convention
# Bill Moriarity, manager, Miss Derringer
# Ernie Halter, recording artist
# The Monolators, recording artists
# Ian Hopkinson, recording artist
# Francis Stokes, filmmaker

* * *
4:30 p.m. Getting Published – The Book Panel
Moderator: Jodi Wille, Process Media
# Iris Berry, author

* * *
6 p.m. DIY Film Festival winners reception. VIP ticket required
7:30 p.m. DIY Film Festival winners screening

10 a.m. Licensing Music for Film/TV - an overview panel discussing the dos and don't of getting your music on film/tv
Moderator: Mike Todd, ASCAP
# Mara Schwartz, Bug Music

* * *
11:30 a.m. Beware The Blog - a roundup of top bloggers discussing their craft
Moderator: Bruce Haring, DIY Convention
# Howie Klein, Down With Tyranny!
# Mike Schneider, Franklin Avenue
# Marissa Gluck, co-editor, Curbed
# Mark Ebner, Hollywood Interrupted.

* * *

* * *
2 p.m. Podcasting To The World
Moderator: Bruce Haring, DIY Convention
# Dina LaPolt, attorney
# Abby Travis, recording artist
# PC Munoz, recording artist
# Mark Jeffrey, podcasting author

* * *
3:15 p.m. The Pitch
# Michael Eames, Pen Music Group
# Rich Martini, film director

* * *
4:15 p.m. Indie, Major or DIY
Moderator: Bruce Haring, DIY Convention
# Pete Anderson, Little Dog Records
# Michelle Dominguez Greene, recording artist
# Tony Lucca, recording artist
# Ted Russell Kamp, Shooter Jennings
# Brad Wilson, guitarist

* * *
5:15 Derek Sivers: Success On Your Own Terms

* * *
6:30 p.m . Henry Jaglom Reception – VIP ticket required
7:30 p.m. “Hollywood Dreams” screening, followed by Q&A with Henry Jaglom and lead actress Tanna Frederick

10 a.m. Publicity, Promotion, Marketing – And How To Tell The Difference
# Bob Bernstein, Little Dog Records
# Justin Goldberg, Indie 911
# Jamie Chvotkin, FilmBaby

* * *
11:30 a.m. YouTube/MySpace Success Stories
Moderator: Bruce Haring, DIY Convention
# Kevin Nalty, viral videologist
# Gilli Moon, recording artist
# Sasha Ross, Bicycle Music

* * *
1 p.m. DIY Demo Derby
3 p.m. DIY Film Festival screening

Official Website: http://diyconvention.com/

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