3601 Lyon St.
San Francisco, California 94123

"In Conjunction with Caltech's Rubik's Cube Club
Registration 10-11am

Come watch the world's greatest solvers of the Rubik's Cube compete for the fastest times under improbable circumstances in the 2nd Northern California competition since 1981. In past years, many world records have been set at such tournaments including the 3x3x3 cube single solve (11.75 seconds), the one-handed solve (23.76 seconds), and the blindfold solve (1:58:32).

Among the Rubik?s Cube elite expected to attend are Jessica Fridrich, the creator of the most popular speed cubing system, the Fridrich Method; Lars Petrus, 4th-place finisher in the 1982 Rubik's Cube World Championships representing Sweden; Shotaro Makisumi, a 14-year-old freshman from Japan attending high school in Pasadena and number one in the world of the 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube, average solve at 14.52 seconds; and Tyson Mao, holder of the blind solve record at 1: 58:32.

Entry is open to anyone. Event is included in the price of admission."


Added by kewlio on January 4, 2006