10 Aquarium Way
Long Beach, California 90802

Pricing information will be posted as soon as I contact Gameworks.

FREE BEFORE 9. $12 if you don't have a Gamecard, $10 if you do.

Official Website: http://lbctweetup.blogspot.com

Added by daNanner on July 22, 2008



Ack. Got plans already. Hope I can be there at your next one!


Ok peeps. Who's up for making the meetup shorter and later. Meaning say from 8-11? Put your votes in now.


Why not just keep it going if everyone is having fun?. It looks like they are open until 2am.


No prob. 6 isn't too early? Niecee and Jon won't be there till later because of X-Games


ok, I'll be there at 8.