Tucholskystr. 48
Berlin, Bundesland Berlin

This upcoming entry is for your convinience but not the guest list.

If you are interested in attending, please enter your self in the according blog entry.

(Future GGDD will have a more sophisticated way of managing the event ...)

What is a girl geek dinner?

Being already very successful in the UK and Italy, Girl Geek Dinner will have its premiere in Berlin during the Web 2.0 Expo.

We will find an interesting partner to talk to and socialize. Rules are simple: Men are only allowed to enter if they are accompanied by a women.

Reason for this date is a week full of events in Berlin.

Official Website: http://girlgeekdinner.de

Added by NicoleSimon on August 17, 2007



Dear guys, feel free to enter yourself as 'attending' - you only need to make sure to be in company of a women once we do bring out the tickets *g*


"Suche Begleitung..."

Merci Nicole für den Typ. Das Event höhrt sich ja interressant an.
Jetzt muss ich nur noch nette Begleitung finden. Falls sich irgendjemand mit einem BarCampsüchtigen Franzosen blicken lassen will...


In English: Sacha offers himself as company for the event and promises to turn up the cute french accent again *g*


count me in, nicole. sounds like fun. i can take sascha, if he likes.

(Sacha, wenn du möchtest, nehm ich dich mit.)


Oh, I wrote in german, sorry for that.

Bonjour tinythoughts. Thanks for the help. Ich komme gerne mit.
I'll be at Web2open and cross over to GGD afterwards.

I'll check back to you later to organize all that.
Merci beaucoup


no problem with the german. yeah, we'll have to organize that. i will be everywhere during that time. it will be crazy. i wish i was as organized with such things as nicole is.


I finally got the website online, see the link in the text. Please do submit yourself there so I can keep track of who wants to attend or not. :)


Nicole: Als Dame wird man ganz schön begehrt, wenn man einen Mann mitnehmen darf - lol - Die Herren "betteln", aber wie. Kann mich nicht entscheiden, wer mein "Begleiter" sein darf *rofl*


I should be able to find a woman to bring me along, somewhere.