1205 Metropolitan Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia 30316

Announcing the first annual East Atlanta (and as far as we know 1st in the Diaspora) Bar Crawl get lit in 8 bars.

Bring your gelt the guilt will come later. Come celebrate if you’re a Cohen or even a Smith, the steins will be ready for you with the he- brew or she-brew of your choice for a veritable Jewbilation.

See if you can pass this bar exam

We will meet at 8:00 at Sabra Gallery because after all we are a cultural people and they are having an Art Opening.

1. Our Genesis will be at East Atlanta’s Thai and Sushi (okay its not Eden but its at least Asia) for a East of Eden or Forbidden Apple Martini

2. We will then pass over into the Blue Frog for a Mosesjito

3. We will then head to Eastside Lounge for some Manhattans or Miami Beaches.

4. We will then cross the Red Flatshoals to the Earl for a Festival of Lites beer.

5. At this point we might feel like a fiddler on the roof so we will have a shot of Tevye’s vodka at Haas.

6. Our next stop will be at the Unleaven Iron (Flat Iron for our goyish friends) for some Promise Land Punch

7. We will be in for a treat at the Glenwood for No Gelt but Plenty of Guilt Chocolate Martinis

8. Next we will have some He-brews at the Gravity Pub (Newton wasn’t Jewish but who needs him we had Einstein)

AND DON’T FORGET THE SHAMASH Dreidel Games at the Graveyard

Come to One, come to all but to pass the Bar Exam you will have to make it to six.

Come you’ll have fun. If you don’t we will have your mother call to ask where were you, your brother had time to make it, what are you such a fancy schmancy that you are too good to have fun, oy gevalt!!!!

surgeon general warning: Lit menorahs on your head are much more dangerous than lampshades. However feel free to wear unlit menorahs

Questions call 404 664-1344

Added by east atlanta village on November 25, 2007