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Information systems and database systems have always been a central topic of computer science. Additionally the integration of intelligence and data justifies its today’s attractiveness. Since 1990 DEXA - an acronym for database and expert systems applications – covers this research and application area.

DEXA 2007 it will continue to present both research contributions in the area of data base and intelligent systems and a large spectrum of already implemented or just being developed applications. It will offer the opportunity to extensively discuss requirements, problems, and solutions in the field. The workshop and conference should inspire a fruitful dialogue between developers in practice, users of database and expert systems, and scientists working in the field.
Suggested Topics

The main topics of DEXA 2007 will include, but are not limited to:

* Applications of Database Systems and Information Systems
* Applications of Expert Systems and Decision Support Systems
* Constraint Modelling and Processing
* Data and Information Modelling
* Data and Information Integration
* Data and Information Networks
* Data and Information Privacy and Security
* Data and Information Quality
* Data and Information Semantics
* Data and Information Streams
* Database and Information System Architecture and Performance
* Data Mining
* Digital Libraries
* Distributed Data and Distributed Databases
* Expert Systems and Decision Support Systems
* Interoperability
* Knowledge Acquisition
* Knowledge Management
* Knowledge Modelling
* Knowledge Processing
* Mobile Data and Information
* Multimedia Databases
* Natural Language Interfaces
* Natural Language Processing
* Object, Object Relational, and Deductive Databases
* Pervasive Data and Information
* Process Modelling
* Process Support and Automation
* Query Processing and Optimisation
* Real-Time Databases
* Semantic Web and Ontologies
* Temporal and Spatial Databases
* User Interfaces to Databases and Information Systems
* WWW and Databases
* Workflow Management and Databases
* XML and Databases
* XML Query Processing and Optimisation

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