George Square
Edinburgh, Scotland EH8 9JY

The Un-Festival will be about the collusion between the well established TV world and the constantly moving Internet world.

What can the TV world learn from the internet world. With the success of video online like Lonely Girl 15, YouTube, Videoblogging, etc.

Is the cross media successes of Perplexcity and Bristel Goodman all about narrative or the platforms they use?

After the un-festival, we will move across to the main festival - for the evening drinks. You will also have access to the regular festival on Sunday for free.

For more information and to sign up please sign up using the event home page (saying your coming upcoming is not enough sorry) -

Official Website:

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Any more news on this...???


Added the Venue now


Book places in Edinburgh as soon as you can because this is the peak season for Edinburgh.

There will be more details about the whole event after 18th June.


:( I cant make this now, as it is my Brother's wedding and it will be in Devon.


I want to come!!! Anyone know any places to stay? email mike at mbites dot com


Can anyone who is taking part indicate where they will be staying. It would make sense for people to stay in the same place if possible. (I will also be attending the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival proper either side of the TV Un-Festival.)


Some of us are staying in the Marriott, some in the travel lodge which still has spaces


I am now staying at the Jurys Inn Hotel but have had to book a twin room. Anyone looking for last minute accommodation is welcome to share, which will save me some of the cost of attending the events! Jurys is right next to Waverley Station and near to the International Conference Centre (where the main gig takes place).


I can't make it now - need to find a place to live!