49 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario M5E 1J1

Come meet the b5media team, including Christina "CJ" Jones, Aaron "Technosailor" Brazell, and Darren "Problogger" Rowse for some food (compliments of b5 if you don't get there too late!) and a few beverages.

We'll talk about Web 2.0, blogging, blog networks, the joys of Wordpress, and maybe - just maybe - be able to watch the Toronto Maple Leafs take part in the first game of the NHL playoffs.

Added by buckpost on April 4, 2007



Does this mean I have to sign autographs?


If you are, I want one ;-)


Whoooo ... autographs! ;) Bigger question: Will there be an official photographer?

t @ dji


I'll bring my camera if someone wants to get around and take some shots while I try keep up with Mark Evans giving out business cards...


lol @ ANYONE keeping up with Mark ;-)


so much for watching the maple leafs ;(