1104 East 11th Street
Austin, Texas 78702

Epistrophy Arts is proud to present the Texas debut performance of the world renowned William Parker Quartet

William Parker Quartet

Friday April 6, 8PM

Austin’s Historic Victory Grill (1104 E. 11th Street)

Advance tickets available at End of An Ear(462-6008) and Waterloo Records (474-2500)

William Parker (New York) - bass
Lewis Barnes (New York) - trumpet
Rob Brown (New York) - alto saxophone
Hamid Drake (Chicago) - drums, percussion

“the most consistently brilliant free jazz bassist of all time.” VILLAGE VOICE
…"Riveting, nimble and innately listenable, the quartet never falters." Jeff McCord, DOWNBEAT
Carrying forward the exceptional artistry, creative spark and intuitive playing of innovators Charles Mingus and Ornette Coleman, bassist/composer William Parker has been a prolific force driving the New York progressive jazz scene since the 1970’s. Having recorded over 150 albums and backing such artists as Cecil Taylor, Don Cherry and Matthew Shipp.

William Parker is a key figure of the contemporary jazz vanguard. William Parker is not only one of the most prolific artists in all of jazz he is also one of the most distinct and powerful players of the double-bass.

Born and raised in The Bronx, Parker studied with legendary bassists Wilbur Ware and Richard Davis. As a young artist, he was involved in avant-garde New York's vital "loft scene" of the early 1970's. He gained wider recognition, when he joined the Cecil Taylor’s celebrated ensemble.

Parker's jazz brings the music to one of its ultimate expressions, manifesting as a universal sound of transendence. His style on bass is idiosyncratic, powerful, and hypnotic. In the history of the music, his importance as a bass-playing bandleader is second only to Charles Mingus (with whom he a shares an ability to steer an ensemble's collective improvising with driving vitality). Parker is also a community leader, being a mentor for many young musicians and a co-organizer of the annual Vision Festival, the most important event for avant-garde jazz.

William Parker debuted his quartet in 2002 with its highly acclaimed CD, O’Neal’s Porch, and followed with the 2005 recording, Sound Unity. The William Parker Quartet combines the elasticity of free jazz with luminescent melodies and powerfully infectious grooves. The group features Chicago’s Hamid Drake who is possibly the most in-demand percussionist in jazz and improvised music. Drake combines his study of Sufi, Indian, and African music with his experience in African-American traditions to create trance-inducing cycles of rhythm and form. His partnership with William Parker forms one of our era's most crucial rhythm teams. Rob Brown and Lewis Barnes are virtuosic and intelligent horn players whose mastery and creativity have made them two of the most prominent players on New York's scene.

Interacting with a level of musical awareness and communication rarely heard, the William Parker Quartet is poised to explore further uncharted territory in creative music and lead avant-garde jazz well into the 21st century.



This project is funded by the City of Austin through the Cultural Arts Division, The Creative Opportunity Orchestra and individual contributions.

Epistrophy Arts is a grass roots cultural organization dedicated to presenting the finest in adventurous music in Austin Texas. Since 1998 we have organized over 50 concerts with internationally renowned figures in improvised and experimental music. The music we present is on the cutting edge of world culture. Our aim is to widen the cultural horizons of the 'Live Music Capital of The World' by bringing the most daring and uncompromising artists in the world to Austin .

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