801 Minnesota St. #8
SAN FRANCISCO, California 94107

superhappyvloghouse is going to be a video making extravaganza!!!
Come learn how to videoblog, or just collaborate on projects with other vloggers. check out the wiki! http://superhappyvloghouse.pbwiki.com/SanFrancisco

Remember that this is the kick off of Videoblogging Week 2007 (http://videobloggingweek.pbwiki.com/) where people around the world make a video each day.

Here's the plan:
4-6pm: Discussion with the Creative Commons folks on why CC is important in Videoblogging. Tech aspects, legal aspects etc. If more videobloggers put a Creative Commons License at the end of all their videos, awareness grows as our videos move around the web. Independent creators unite! http://creativecommons.org/weblog/entry/7304

6-9pm: We'll all make custom CC trailers that can be used in videos. Schlomo has a stop-animation table, lots of space at Hat Factory, great neighborhood for shooting.
Anyone new can team up with an experienced videoblogger to learn how it's done. Lots of video nerds will be available to answer any question you've ever had. Bring your computer and camera...or use what we have. No experience necessary!!!!

9pm-????: Screenings and party!! Plenty of free booze and food.

email jay.dedmanATgmail.com if you have questions.

Official Website: http://superhappyvloghouse.pbwiki.com/SanFrancisco

Added by ryanne on March 23, 2007



w00t! vlogtastic slumber party!


isn't there one happening in Ojai the same weekend?



check the wiki for other venues around the world: http://superhappyvloghouse.pbwiki.com


Hey Eddie - pretty cool idea!


ryanne and Jay deserve the credit for making this happen, i'm just showing up.


Did someone say SuperHappyBeerHouse?



its going to be cool....we got a good group of people here. Jon of Creative Commons...and Colette (CC lawyer extrodinaire) will be representing!


this is weird. in a cool way.

Daniel Riveong


I aint a vlogger (but i blog). Can I still participate and check things out with you guys?

Let me know - its cool either way...


Of course you should come; if people dont come, nothing will happen!


Definitely come. There'll be more cameras and bloggers than a bad Always On conference.


Jen & I are planning on coming out.
We'll probably be editing some stuff for Videoblogging Week '07 for ebbandflow.tv.

Interested in seeing what type of CC trailers comes out of this. I wonder if there will be any 3D animations.


WOW... I wish I could be there... you're like gettin' shit done, yo! That's so awesome... have a great time!!!


My friend Albert Bates, author of the Post-Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook, and director of the Ecovillage Training Center at The Farm in Tennessee will be here later.


wow, what a night! may brain still hurts.


Photos posted (see above). Tag away!