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Friday, April 13: Perception: How does perception lead to knowing? How is life different for someone with coupled senses—someone who can literally taste words? Can we all change our world view and how often?

Animator and creator of the Graffiti Archaeology Project, Cassidy Curtis (Shrek2, Madagascar) has colored-letter synesthesia (a neurological phenomena), draws pictures of math, and sneezes when exposed to bright sunlight. After a lifetime of performing, Cabaret and comic Enzo Lombardo-Quintero (Love, Humiliation & Karaoke) began to go blind in his right eye in 2005. Magic Safire can make things appear to fly, appear and disappear (Nanjing Acrobatics Troupe's resident magician, Thirty Seconds of Fame).

Allof these wonderful guests and of course you will join Heather to explore the ways we perceive the world and how this affects our understanding of truth.

As a special treat, joining us in the audience to participate in the conversation will be scientist Brian Alvarez (UC Berkeley doctoral candidate in Cognitive Neuropsychology) and unique synesthete Colleen Silva who experiences anything that can be put in chronological in order in space around her as a mapped sensation in her body.

Comedian Heather Gold brings the talk show format into the 21st century. Heather DJs people and the show mashes up diverse thinkers, entertainers, doers and the audience around a universal theme.

Based in San Francisco, the live show regularly sells out and has been described as "This American Life in real-time."

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$10 (advance/members) / $12 door / FREE for bakers. Just email subvert at subvert dot com.

Past guests include: CorningWare designer and past Director of Stanford’s Process of Change Lab Sara Little Turnbull, Dr. Lillian Rubin, novelist Michelle Tea and Flickr cofounder Caterina Fake, comic Betsy Salkind (The Tonight Show) and creator of Yahoo Hack Day Bradley Horowitz.

Official Website: http://www.heathergold.com

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