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The second Tuesday of each month, social changemakers and web innovators get together to network, socialize and share ideas at Net Tuesday, an event produced by NetSquared, http://www.netsquared..., a project of TechSoup, http://www.techsoup.o....

This month our two presenters will be Gina Bianchini, the co-founder and CEO of Ning, Inc. (http://www.ning.com)..., and Benjamin Rattray the CEO of Change.org (http://change.org)....

Ning gives you the opportunity to create your own social network for anything. Today there are over 48,000 social networks on Ning. You can create your own social network for free in a few minutes at www.ning.com.

Change.org is a social network for hundreds of social causes and over 1 million nonprofit organizations. Change.org aims to transform social activism by serving as the central platform that connects like-minded people, whatever their interests, and enables them to share ideas, exchange information, and collectively act to address the issues they care about.

Official Website: http://netsquared.meetup.com/1/

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If you're interested in social networks for engagement with nonprofits, you will also want to see http://www.ChangingThePresent.org.

Unlike the site named above, which just uses an org domain, this one really is a nonprofit.

It also charges a much lower transaction fee (just 3% and 30 cents, compared to 4.5%).

And it offers wish lists, tangible donation opportunities, registries, recognition, the expertise of a stellar board of advisors, greeting cards, and more.


See http://tinyurl.com/2w89sl for a discussion about the impact of socially conscious websites.


Nice. Loving it. Any more of this stuff, please send it through to me. I'm in town for 5 weeks!!


if anyone is a resident, or fan of, the north beach neighborhood in SF, i started a ning site: http://www.northbeachnik.org that needs members! I just moved to the 'hood and would love to meet other people close by! We also have an upcoming group called "northbeachnik"


The last time I was in San Francisco, I was seven and accidentally fell in a fountain. I'm hoping my return trip will be just as thrilling, but less pungent. I'm excited to attend Net Tuesday--there's nothing quite like it in Seattle. Here's what I'm doing up north: http://www.knowledgeaspower.org