1340 North 6th Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212

The FS3 project is a recently launched ad hoc tech project to design, build and program a GPU-cluster supercomputer, rather than the traditional CPU-cluster.
Please forward this meeting invitation to others you think may be interested, such as students or faculty at universities, research or geeks at companies in or near Milwaukee, and tech enthusiasts throughout Wisconsin and nearby states. The project is recruiting members, advisors and sponsors. Come to the meeting to find out if you want to be part of it!

Justin bought an NVIDIA 8800, the GPU targeted for use in the Alpha and Beta systems, and will have it at the Sunday meeting.

The meeting will start at 2:30 pm and last two hours. If you can only participate in the meeting for an hour, please still come. We will likely hang around longer than 2 hours if people are interested in discussing technical details of the project or checking out the 8800!

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