20-21 North Road
Brighton, England BN1 1YA

Sam Sethi from Vecosys is coming down to Brighton and a few of us thought it would be a good opportunity to hold a one-off Brighton-based spin-off of Saul Klein's OpenCoffee London.

Come and chat about starting-up, fundraising, and entrepreneurship.

For people interested in doing this on a more regular basis, please consider coming to Matt Weston's Business Bricks meet-up which runs every Friday:


Added by jay on March 5, 2007



Good excuse to drink more coffee.. but will the north road sb handle us?


Looking forward to it. For every London event Brighton has an analogous event (well done Brightonians)

Geek Dinner, Barcamp and now Open Coffee. Its brilliant!


Heh, we are their doppleganger-on-sea!
I made a Ning network for Brighton OpenCoffee at http://brightonstartup.ning.com/ and I encourage you to come and contribute.
I also made one for London OpenCoffee while I was about it - http://opencoffeelondon.ning.com


Anything happen with this? When is the next 2008 one?


3 years since this event was posted but I'm interested to see if anyone would like to attend a similar event.

Drop me a line if you'd like to get involved in a Sussex based networking group


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