600 Montgomery St to Columbus and Union
San Francisco, California 94111

The First Church of the Last Laugh holds its 29th Annual St. Stupid's Day Parade following its weekend route thru North Beach (weekday parades go thru the financial district). The parade ends up at Washington Sq park at Union and Columbus for the staged 2 minute talent show (open to all), music by 'somebody you never heard of' and the performance of the rituals, including the Leap of Faith, the Sock Exchange and the induction ceremony. Attendees are encouraged to wear whatever they think is appropriate to this event which has its roots in the thousand year old Feast of Fools tradition. Noise makers, musical instruments, flags and silly signage are also called for at this unique San Francisco event.

Saint Stupid is a little known saint, 4'2", patron saint of civilizations and parking meters and is famous for saying, "I know, I know, but ya know, ya never know", "So far, so what", and "The closer you are, the nearer you get."

Rain or Shine.

About First Church of the Last Laugh:
World's largest church representing the world's oldest religion holding its annual whole-y day to give homage to the often unavoidable stupidity shared by the human race.

Official Website: http://www.saintstupid.com

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