6th & Brazos
Austin, Texas

Coming to SXSW? If so, I really, really hope you can join me for the Eighth Annual Break Bread With Brad on the eve of South by Southwest Interactive, Friday, March 9, 2006, in Austin, Texas, from 7-10 pm.

It's a SXSW Eve tradition and, as always, it's a chance for me to meet up with old friends and make some new ones. A new location this year: the Lodge at Buffalo Billiards at Sixth and Brazos. That's stumbling distance from the Convention Center and the downtown hotels. When you get there, continue stumbling upstairs to the Lodge where I'll be holding court.

Buffalo Billiards is a lot of fun and I think you'll enjoy their menu--including buffalo (of course!) burgers, a variety of wraps and other tasty options--not to mention pool, darts, shuffleboard and a few other surprises!

I'm so excited about seeing you in Austin! You can't imagine how much I'm looking forward to SXSW and about the chance to catch up with you. I hope you can come.

Feel free to invite friends along, but please RSVP here so I can plan accordingly.

(Photo thanks to Austin Tolin and Creative Commons.)

Official Website: http://www.bradlands.com/breakBread/

Added by TheBrad on February 23, 2007




It's so nice to be thought of and invited. Wish I could be there. I'll definitely see you next year. We're moving back to Austin in September! WooHoo!


Now I am getting into the SXSW spirit


Wish I was there ... have fun without me. Again.


I am not wearing pants! No pants! At all!

Ms. Jen

Wait! Is it possible to have fun without Jish? May not be, so Jish, you should come.... ;o)


you know I loves me some Brad with which to break bread.


SXSWi without BBwB is unthinkable! I'll be there!


I'll be there. Oh yes, and I'll bring buttons.


Can't wait!


Pinata time and pool cues for all!!! Tantek gets first swats.


Hmmm. Will they let me bring the little ones in? Otherwise we'll have to tie them to a signpost outside.

(Oh, me, Dineen, plus the two little ones will be there.)


Mike, I'd love for y'all to bring the brood but Buffalo Billiards is a 21+ venue and my room contract says no exceptions. I'll inquire, but I'm doubtful. Stay tuned.


Blast, I'm not getting there until Sat morning. Have fun and see you 'round I"m sure.


I am committed to organizing some karaoke after this event. Come join us: http://upcoming.org/event/156299/


I am so there.


I am wearing Ben Brown's pants


Last year I waited in a long line to get in -- there aren't many people I know that I'd do that for. BBwB may be it, actually.

(or maybe there can be a secret entrance or secret password to skip the line for people who actually know you...)


Ahh, the world just moved into phase. Cheers, Brad!


I refuse to wait in a long line to get in. But I hope to make it all the same! :)


Dori, Molly: If there is a line to enter, you have my permission to tell the doorman you are my wife and must see me immediately.

That goes for you too Ben.


Hey Brad! I'll be there ;-) Thanks for organizing this.


can we refer to it from here on out as BBwB@BB ?

looking forward to getting back in the mosh pit!


Had a blast last year, wouldn't miss it this year.


Ack! Attendance is full!


Brad rocks.


I'm with Leia! Full attendance! GASP! Well, I'm coming anyways. And I have my ways of getting in the door.


full??? yikes! I'll bring a host bribe, er, gift...

It's a short enough walk from work so I may even be there early.


anybody know how to fix timezone errors in the upcoming ical feed. now that i'm in austin everything is jacked up in gcal. i switched my gcal timezone to central. logged in and out of google and upcoming but everything is an hour off. this sucks


oh cool event


I'll be there, complete with a picture of Couvillion's progeny on a stick. Seriously.


FYI: We got a report that Buffalo Billiards makes you check your bags, including camera bags. They don't give you a claim check or anything. *ugh*

That should be fun...