679 Sutter Street
San Francisco, California

It's never happened before. Ok, that's a lie; it happens a lot. Us techies/web20geeks/nerds/entrepreneurs throw a party a week. But never before have Carla, MJ, and Kurt thrown a party at a brand new club/lounge for no other reason than to just hang out with some cool people.

Here are the pertinent deets:

When. 8pm on Friday, February 23rd. You can come any time (we will turn no one away), but only the people who are there within the first hour will get the free appetizers we've arranged for.

Where. Sugar. It's on Sutter St. and Taylor St. (679 Sutter Street) in San Francisco near Union Square. In fact, February 23rd is Sugar's opening night! We're the first people that will ever get the chance to party there.

Food. Did we mention there were free appetizers from 8pm to 9pm?

Liquor. So we decided to give you guys one free drink on one condition: you come dressed in your best business attire. We apologize for not being able to handle open bar for the whole evening, but this party isn't sponsored.

Sponsors. We don't want any. We want you guys to come and have a good time without feeling the need to shmooze for your booze.

Cost. It's free. You can thank your lovely hosts (us) and the amazing people at Sugar for hooking us up with a sweet deal to throw this party.

So come on by, bring your friends (and your enemies). Hopefully this is the first party of many the three of us throw. So you should all come out and have a good time so we can find an excuse to do this again a few months from now!

Added by urban_mermaid on February 15, 2007



Seems like the date is wrong on this event currently. Should be Friday, February 23, 8:00pm


yeah, 'cause i'm doing too many things at once and keep having to make it look like i'm doing "real" work.


Real work? What's that? ;)


real work is trying to figure out what to wear for business attire


crazywanda, you're slaying me. i'm deciding between which pair of jeans is more comfortable.


the ones that make your tushy look cute, of course!


I'm debating - should I wear my suit, or should I sneak one of the lab coats out of the building?

Daniel Riveong

Lab Coats. Mmm...Sexy Scientist.


oh that sounds cool! If only I were on that side of the ocean... damn! :)
I'll keep an eye on it though ;)


I have another shindig to attend, but I'll make a cameo appearance.


apollo will dance.


Ja! Und ve vill tanz.


btw, i've created a dodgeball location for this: corporate whoredom


I just wanted to say there is already a Sugar in SF... who are these people?

Daniel Riveong

@TurkyBot - that's what I thought! On Hayes Valley, right? I went there for a birthday party.