Dolores and 18th Streets
San Francisco, California

I'm coming to SF for the first time in ages and i thought i'd gather some of the smarty pants folks that i adore in the northern part of the state. I am thinking Zeitgeist might make the most sense but am open to other options should folks have any nominations. I figure sticking around socializing, catching up, drinking beer, playing pool or whatever. I don't know how long it'll last but i have to be in bed by 9PM for an early morning talk so don't think i'm doing the all-night thang.

Anywho, doing this via upcoming just so that i can announce changes as needed since we know the weather in SF is sooo stable... And of course it's always nice to know who'll be around. If you wanna find me, feel free to text me.

PS: i made this event public since upcoming is being a bit bitchy about the folks that i've invited who don't have accounts here.

CHANGE OF PLANS - going to mission dolores

Added by zephoria on February 14, 2007



danah.. i'd love to see you and chat.. you are always very smart!


danah - I can make it after 4pm - have a conflict - so be there on the later side!!


Gah! I'm off to Toronto for the weekend... Will miss you :(


danah, I am going to be in the city on Sat, and might drop by. Look forward to seeing you.


i'll drop by sometime...


I'll happily lead a contingent to (and/or from) bi-rite creamery.




I don't know who you are Danah, but if you can manage to draw an Upcoming crowd of 17 I'm thinking it might be worth it to meet you. I like Zeitgeist after all.


Yay. I miss Danah!!


Sorry, I missed you but the last few days have been very difficult


drat. sorry i missed ya!


Me too, but unfortunately we had two dogs and Zeitgeist has a limit of 0. :-/

Strange considering that most dogs smell and act better than some of the humans I've encountered there.


Sorry to have missed it! Didn't even look at upcoming 'cause I thought I'd be in New York, so much for that. Hope you had fun!