9 rue des Precheurs
Paris, Ile-de-France 75001

Just a geek dinner and free conversations with Tara Hunt and her friends.

Topics : pinkomarketing (marketing has to change, the marketer becomes a customer evangelist), community advocates (we don’t work for brands and companies, we work for customers), ...

Suggested topics : OpenId, microformats

Extended topic : French wine.

Free entrance - just climb at the 1st floor. You pay your own dinner and/or drinks. All ages. Dressing Code : r u kidding ?

Official Website: http://rubyurl.com/6f9

Added by JeanChristophe on February 12, 2007



Hé Jean-Christophe, Antoine just told me during a Guiness session, he'll be enthusiast to join us with this nice girl interested in building a MigrantCamp. Not sure of the word :-) but you know her.

I know Antoine is not a real geek but he could soon become one !


We are very much looking forward to this! Merci Beaucoup Christophe!


@ Xtof : no problemo !
@ Tara : have a nice stay in Paris ! Twitter us if you require any advice during the week-end :)


very happy to meet you all. Hope that Chris and Tara may help to fix the technical problem of the visual aggregator onto Barcamp's pbwiki: http://forums.pbwiki.com/viewtopic.php?p=14797
We may also imagine some connexion between OpenID, MicroFormats and that kind of visual aggregator?


I'm really sad to have missed this one...