227 North Eola Drive
Orlando, Florida 32801

why: because drinking good coffee with likeminded people is fun.

If you love Orlando and you want to find other people of a like mind, you've come to the right place. Alex and Ryan will get together once a month before work to have a good conversation. Come talk about anything, exchange emails, share stories and walk away with a smile on your face ready to face the last day of the week knowing you have made some new friends this week.

Official Website: http://likemind.us

Added by kerm52 on February 9, 2007



I just found your twitter about this. Neat idea.


Are you guys planning to stay and work there during the day? If not, I may or may not catch you guys....8AM is a bit early for me :P)


We'll get there at 8am, but be there for awhile. I have to take Kat's parents to the airport around 11, but will be back after that.