747 Howard Street
San Francisco, California 94103

This June, the center of the Mac universe will be in downtown San Francisco, as developers and IT professionals from around the globe come together for the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with Apple engineers, get a firsthand look at the latest technology, and spend a week getting the kind of inspiration you won’t find anywhere else.

Official Website: http://developer.apple.com/wwdc/

Added by merlinmann on February 6, 2007



This will be my first WWDC. Anything I should know? Any skills I should brush up on before attending?

I am currently teaching myself Cocoa and brushing up on my C.


You should read up on Objective-C 2.0 stuff. I'm sure they'll be talking about Core Animation and stuff. Woo!


aequitas: come with a fun small app idea (or better yet, basic prototype) so you can go to the sessions and encode the information you glean in the context of making your app.


Will there be a Jobs keynote?