405 E 7th St
Austin, Texas TX 78701

Clearleft, Boagworld and @media 2007 are pleased to announce the first annual “Great British Booze-up” at SXSWi this year.

With so many of our fellow countrymen heading over to Austin, we thought it only fitting to throw a party. We’ve hired out a traditional Austin bar and will be delighting you with an evening of drinking and merriment. This is your opportunity to meet some of your favourite British designers and marvel at their funny accents and eccentric ways.

We’ve put some money behind the bar, and thanks to the beneficial exchange rate, this should last for a while at least. We’re also organising food, so you won’t be limited to warm beer and pork scratchings. In fact, it should be the perfect destination for all you hungry and thirsty conference goers. However you’ll want to get there early as numbers are limited.

The event kicks off at 7:30pm in the Lava Lounge on Seventh Street. Last orders will be at 10:30pm, just in time for a final drink before heading round the corner to SXNW.

Added by Clearleft on January 23, 2007



Doesn't a "Great British Booze-Up" usually imply warm beer and pork scratchings?

Then again, what would I know? I'm Australian. ;)


And precisely what is wrong with warm beer and pork scratchings?


Definitely looking forward to this as this will be my first SXSW. I also moved over to the USA four years ago so having a jar with a few countrymen is long over due.


Ooh fun. But I might forget I'm in Texas and think I am in the U.K. Oh wait, I am in the U.K. I'm so confused but I'm sure I'll find my way to the party. Note that it occurs right after the annual WaSP meeting so it will definitely be time for Brits n' beer.


cool idea and then everyone can go to the SXNW party!



This is gonna be fun fun fun!


Hate to miss this, but I'm gonna be at the EFF/EFF-Austin Steampunk Extravaganza!


joni: multitasking is your friend! Or at least making an appearance at one party before hitting another.


count me in. though Shakespeare's pub is an interesting location.


Just to let everybody know we've had a change of venue and the party is now going to be held round the corner at the Lava Lounge.


I figure I'll leave that Y! party eventually then head on over here :)


We're putting on a Mexican buffet, so if you're hungry, make sure you get in their early before it all goes.


I have dual citizenship -- US and British -- but alas can't make it as we're having our own party! So stop by the Gawker/Lifehacker party in between this and South by Northwest.

Details at http://upcoming.org/event/150077


going there now....


I have to comment after the fact, even though it isn't the purpose of upcoming. What a fantastic party. Our brit + canadian counterparts totally showed us americans what a great party is supposed to be. The lava lounge to the iron cactus to the proof/pocketfuzz party. Best night of interactive. Thank you Andy, Derek, Jeremy, et al. How unfair is it that you are legendary authors, accessibility gurus and amazing drun... party-throwers?


Thanks guys - you throw a great party!


Oh - photos seem to be tagged "greatbritishboozeup" on Flickr.


Interested 317