333 California Drive
Burlingame, California 94010

Please join Jeremiah Owyang, Martin McKeay in welcoming Robyn Tippins (Blogger, Podcaster) who is visiting the bay area from the East Coast.

Please arrange your own reservations at Steelhead for dinner, and/or join folks in the back room for pool and socialization!

Official Website: http://web-strategist.com

Added by jeremiah_owyang on January 22, 2007



I'll try to bring some Intel bloggers with me :)


Please do, they are good folks!


Looking forward to finally meeting you face to face, Robyn. We've only been talking online for a year!


Yes, same here Martin. I feel like I already know Robyn in person.


Would love to be there...might have to fly out for DEMO07. If not, I'm there.


Sorry, I'll be at DEMO. Hoist one for me, Jeremiah.



Aww I just read about this on your blog and was excited abut it until I went to Jeremiah's blog and found out it was in Burlingame. Alas, as the world's worst driver - I no longer drive (to keep everyone else safe). I live downtown in SF so maybe we can meet up for a quick drink or coffee.


Sounds great Natasha. My email is robyn at sleepyblogger.com Shoot me an email so we can set up a time for coffee :)


Cool. I'll shoot you an email this weekend!


Jeremiah thanks much. But I have a previous commitment. Let's talk by phone when you get a chance