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In 1952 it was discovered that at an old farmhouse in the West Slopes of Beaverton was the site of unspeakable acts of violence, torture and murders. Today, rumors and folklore tell what really happened on this deadly site. The research team at 13th Door haunted house sought information in local historical newspapers, through the police and old-timers of the area, and we could only find a few that would actually talk about it…For several years in the late 1940s a large family occupied the farmhouse with people always coming and going. But little is known of these owners nor would anyone provide us names. During the fall harvest season a little girl who was passing by the property on her way home from a friend’s house and discovered a half mutilated human body along the side of the trail. Local authorities were contacted and discovered hundreds of bodies and several shallow graves about the property.

Most of the bodies were never identified and it was believed that they were hobos looking for seasonal work or offered shelter. Due to a fire at the police station in the 70’s, no official police records were discovered but a few members of the department made comments “Off the record” of what they had been told. Due to the fear of diseases from the unidentified rotting remains and lack of funds for proper barrels, all the bodies were collected, dumped into the basement of the house and set to fire.

The property was quickly sold off to an out of state developer who built a grocery store in it's location. Shortly thereafter strange occurrences started to happen. Now all the spirits have returned and are seeking vengeance to anyone who enters this building… what will you see and can you survive?

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