Ocean Beach
San Francisco, California

Since getting to San Francisco I haven't been able to get a decent GPS Tracklog and bunch of photos to play with.

To solve this I'm off for a short walk with a cheap GPS unit and camera, starting at the N-Judah Ocean Beach stop and walking to Seal Rocks. You can see the route in Google Earth here.

I've never been to Ocean Beach before, but I assume the walk is suitable for most ages and I'll probably have the kids with me. Anyone is more than welcome to join in.

The only slight flaw in the whole plan, is that when it comes to match up the photos with the tracklog I imagine one bit of beach looks pretty much like another.

Official Website: http://geobloggers.com/archives/2007/01/09/gps-photo-walk-sunday-21st-ocean-beach-sf/

Added by RevDanCatt on January 9, 2007