5/6 Carey Lane
London, England EC2V 8AE

More details on this event can be found on the www.londongirlgeekdinner.co.uk website in due course and on http://girlygeekdom.blogspot.com

The speaker for the evening is Jeff Barr from Amazon and he will be speaking on web services.

You will need to sign up to attend the event in advance at:


Signup is now open.

Official Website: http://www.londongirlgeekdinners.co.uk

Added by sarah.blow on January 8, 2007



I would assume that a lot of people who are watching are actually coming but it is not possible to change due to the setting here.

As this is not the signup page, why not reopen it here to make us show that we are attending Sarah?


I agree with Nicole. I want to mark this as an event that I'm attending, having previously signed up on the wiki page.


Re opened as requested but people MUST remember this is NOT a sign up location!