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London, England W1T 6LQ

I really enjoyed the last Wiki Wednesday in London, but that was on March 8 last year. But I hear you say "hang on, what's a Wiki Wednesday?"

Wiki Wednesdays are held (mostly) the first Wednesday of each month in a number of cities in the USA, and occasionally over here in Europe. People get together to chat, learn about wikis, find jobs, talk deals and socialise. Socialtext (or whoever) picks a location, buys some refreshments and organises the event using SocialText wiki pages.

People who come include developers, bloggers, consultants, anyone interested in social software, web 2.0 and open source. They might be entrepreneurs, deal mavens, general business folk, or individuals looking to leave work to chat about wikis and how they might be used.

I've decided to organise the next one, and then to try to keep the idea going through 2007. The first Wednesday in February clashes with Lift07, and the next Wednesday is Valentine's day. Even wiki geeks have partners/wives/husbands so I've decided to try 21st February. At this one we'll agree a pattern, and maybe go back to trying for the first Wednesday each month. Go here to find out more.

Official Website: http://www.eu.socialtext.net/wikiwed/index.cgi?london_wikiwed_21_february_2007

Added by david_terrar on January 8, 2007



21st of Feb clashes with Future of Web Apps, but hopefully can make both. (Might be a nice roll-on event actually)


AND you are clashing with the girl geek dinner. ;)


so what :) ?


Even with the ordinary geek dinner :)
Everybody wants to do event on the 21st, there must be some cosmic nexus...


When will the next one be?