826 Folsom
San Francisco, California 94107

As I'm in San Francisco, this is an excuse for a local #joiito #wordpress #suwcharman (well, freenode!) meetup and a meal. Please sign up so we know how many to book! (Blog comments is OK if you don't have an upcoming.org account, but you should really get one...)

If you want to arrive later, it's ok, just let us know in advance!

Official Website: http://climbtothestars.org/archives/2006/12/29/usa-coming-soon-san-francisco/#comment-132724

Added by sbooth on January 6, 2007



Azie is at 826 Folsom St (@4th St).


Confirmed - I made a reservation for a party of 11 in the name of Stephanie Booth at 6:30 tonight.