Lincoln, Nebraska 68508-3805

"2nd Saturday" monthly photowalk of Lincoln, Nebraska Flickr users.

Meet at the entrance to the Museum of Nebraska History at 15th & P Streets. The museum holds a lot of fun Nebraska history, but will provide some photography challenges.

* NO flash photography in the museum. Flash photos may only be taken in the History Adventure Center on the 3rd floor.
* Backpacks, pens/markers, and bags are not allowed in exhibit areas. You may either leave them in your vehicle or place them on the shelves and hooks we provide.

I have spoken with the museum director. Tripods will be acceptable - and needed because of the low lighting - but we should use caution around other museum guests, so as not to present any tripping hazards!

Exhibits at the Museum of Nebraska History.

Social Hour to Follow:
We will wrap up at the museum between 4:15 and 4:30 p.m. You are invited to head for Yiayia's (1423 O Street) at this time, enjoy a beverage and garlic cheese bread, or stick around for an early dinner. Yiayia's serves AMAZING pizza, and is a family-friendly environment; so please feel free to invite family and friends to meet up with the group.

FYI: We will have a straight view of the capitol (down Centennial Mall from the north), as we leave the museum. Also, sunset will occur around 5:20 p.m.

Official Website: http://flickr.com/groups/lincoln_nebraska/

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Thanks for all the useful info (bags/tripods/sunset times). I'll be a game time decision on whether I can attend or not.

See you then - maybe!

- Chris


Count on Ben and I and probably Khayman too.


Are purses allowed? Backpack purses?


When I visited with my mom, the week of Christmas, I had a purse, and it was not a problem. Keep it small, and you should be okay.


Well, this will be my first photowalk if I can make it. I was fully prepared to come, but tons of things have popped up recently and scheduled themselves for Saturday, so it's iffy for me at this point. I'm going to try to be there, but certainly don't wait for me (as if you'd really know who you're waiting for...)


I have family coming to town to handle some estate issues. The plan is to be done by this time - but you know how plans go....

Hoping to be there!


I'm all drove out after returning from my vacation (a lotta driving). That and the weather will be keeping me in Omaha today. Have fun guys and I look forward to seeing the pics!