One Stockton Street
San Francisco, California 94108

Adam Christianson, host of the Maccast, will be bringing together the hosts and visionaries behind many of todays top Mac podcasts and you're invited to come join them. The event will be kick off at 6:00 PM on Thursday January 11th at the Apple Store San Francisco, just blocks away from Moscone Center. Adam (The Maccast, Mac Roundtable) will be joined by an impressive array of Mac podcasters including: Leo Laporte (Mac Break, TWiT), Ken Ray (Mac OS Ken), Alex Lindsay (Mac Break, TWiM), Scott Bourne (Mac Break, iLife Zone), Merlin Mann (TWiT, 43 Folders), Andy Ihnatko (Chicago Sun Times, MacNotables), Derrick Story (O'Reilly, The Digital Story), Tod Maffin (CBC Radio, todbits), Dave Hamilton (Mac Observer, Mac Geek Gab), Chris Christensen (Amateur Traveler), Bill Palmer (iProng Radio), Shelly Brisbin (Shelly's Podcast), plus other special guests. The event will offer an informal discussion and is a great opportunity to get the experts' reactions to what is hot on this year's show floor. Plus, since there is still one more day left in the show, it allows attendees a chance to go back and catch any of those items they may have missed earlier in the week. This event is free and open to the public.

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Added by merlinmann on December 30, 2006