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Back To The Future - Beyond Web 2.0

Jeremiah Owyang, Director of Corporate Media Strategy at Podtech.net

Harry McCracken, Vice President/Editor in Chief at PC WORLD

Sean Ness, Co-Founder at STIRR.net & Business Development Manager at Institute for the Future

Dmitriy Kruglyak
CEO & Community Steward, Trusted.MD Network

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Date: 1/31/2007 Wed
Time: 6:30pm-9:00pm
6:30pm-7:30pm Networking/Food & Drink
7:30pm-9:00pm Presentations & Discussion Panel
Location: Hurricane Electric, 48233 Warm Spring Blvd, Fremont CA 94539

Admission is FREE but requires Registration

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Jeremiah Owyang
Director of Corporate Media Strategy at Podtech.net

Jeremiah Owyang is an established Web Strategist, as well as a popular blogger and podcaster in the Social Media industry.

Jeremiah Owyang is the Director of Corporate Media Strategy at PodTech.net offering consultation to clients on how to deploy Web Strategy and Social Media.

At Hitachi Data Systems Jeremiah spearheaded the corporate blogging strategy and other social media that empowered key executives to publically evangelize the corporate message.

Jeremiah has held a variety of web related roles at companies such as World Savings, Cable and Wireless, and Exodus Communications. Jeremiah holds a Bachelor Degree in Marketing from San Francisco State University.
Jeremiah Owyang blogs at: web-strategist.com

Harry McCracken
Vice President/Editor in Chief, PC WORLD

Named Editor in Chief of PC World in March 2004, Harry McCracken oversees all editorial and design for PC World, PCWorld.com, and the PC World Test Center. His areas of expertise include the Internet, PC service and support, digital imaging, and other aspects of technology; his "Up Front" column opens each issue of the magazine. McCracken also authors PC World’s Techlog, a Web log with news, opinions, and links on PCWorld.com.

McCracken has won numerous honors for his work at PC World, including Jesse H. Neal Awards for "Best Subject-Related Series" in 1998, 2000, 2001, and 2002, a 2000 Grand Neal Award from American Business Media, was recognized with the 2004 American Business Media’s Western Award for Editorial Courage and Integrity, and recently won a 2005 min's Best Of the Web Award for Best Blog. He has appeared as an industry expert on television and radio programs on ABC, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, and the BBC. He also collaborated with Dateline NBC on a multi-state undercover investigation into PC repair in 2000 which aired later that year. A past contributor to USA Today, Family Circle, and other publications, McCracken was named to the Technology Marketing Influencers list in 2002 and 2003. A 15-year veteran of technology journalism, he served as an editor at InfoWorld and Computer Buying World prior to joining PC World in 1994.

McCracken has been a screener for the Jesse H. Neal Awards for the past three years, and also judged the National Magazine Awards for 2003 and 2004. In addition, he serves on the editorial board of American Business Media, and was a judge for ABM’s Littleford Awards for Public Service in 2003.

A graduate of Boston University with a Bachelor’s degree in history and a minor in English, McCracken has lived in Massachusetts, Oregon, and London, England, and currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sean Ness
Co-Founder at Stirr.net & Business Development Manager at Institute for the Future

Sean Ness oversees Business Development for the Institute for the Future (www.iftf.org), a Palo Alto-based think tank and is a Co-Founder of the STIRR Network (www.stirr.net). Prior to IFTF & STIRR, he has served in business development roles for startups (desktopstandard & eSelf) and market research firms (Forrester Research & ComputerWire). He has a BS in Materials Engineering from Penn State University.

Dmitriy Kruglyak
CEO & Community Steward, Trusted.MD Network

Dmitriy Kruglyak is CEO & Community Steward of Trusted.MD Network (http://trusted.md), social networking service designed to empower trust-based relationships between healthcare consumers, professionals and organizations.

He chairs the Healthcare Blogging Summit(http://trusted.md/conference), which is the premier conference on healthcare blogs and social media, held once in 2006 and planned three times in 2007. Dmitriy also originated HealthTrain, the "Open Healthcare Manifesto" (http://trusted.md/manifesto), which laid out a set of common-sense guidelines for blog and social media adoption by healthcare organizations and garnered numerous endorsements.

Dmitriy is passionate about the potential of open online communities to improve health & wellness for consumers and practice environment for healthcare professionals. As a milestone to that vision, Trusted.MD Network has already become the world’s largest community of health & medical bloggers.

Apply your ticket at: http://backtothefuture.eventbrite.com

Official Website: http://www.svwebbuilder.com

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Bess, my bio is outdated, at this time I only work at PodTech. Not Hitachi no more.


Jeremiah, can you provide your updates so I can make corrections on other places?

Alberto DOttavi

Ehi there's a mistype in "SpeICAl invitation" :)


Thank you so much. All these late nights are killing my eyes softly. I did this one late at night. I will correct it. Please come by.
Again I appreciate your discovery. Please tell me if you find anything else :)
We are looking for volunteers and helpers!


I finally clear my schedule to meet Sean Ness, our speaker, at www.stirr.net mixer tonight. Good organized event. Sean is working on his slides and he said I should use the term "Forcast" than "Predict". This is a more professional approach from a Research Institution standpoint.

From the way Sean is explaining his degree of preparation for his presentation, I can tell this would be something that many Entrepreneurs, startup Founders and Internet Executives would like to find out because Sean's business is all about big companies paying big money to find out the FUTURE.

I have the chance to chat with Sanford Barr about our upcoming Browser Wars. He is very interested in our development especially the Entertainment part. I can't disclose many details yet in public.

Founder of SVWB


Harry McCracken is giving out PC World magazines. We are hosting a special autograph signing session for him during Networking hour.

The hot latest issue on the stand has cover features on "The Web's Most Useful Web Sites". http://www.pcworld.com/article/id,128248-page,1/article.html

Ladies I talked to couldn't wait to get hold of a signed magazine by the Chief including me. Something to keep.

Remember we will be checking our online registration. Don't just show up and RSVP at http://backtothefuture.eventbrite.com.

Founder of SVWB


We are collecting 80 registrations. I miss many deadlines on submitting events and run behind in covering Marketing activities due to flu, project deadlines and unexpected events.

If any of our members see this post, please help us to post our event at your professional networks.

I am very touched on receiving support from members this week. I personally am checking every incoming registration, email and comments.

I ask myself to hold my tears as I appreciate those who believe and support us. As times go by, I will slowly reveal how hard we work to get this community going.

Founder of SVWB


I just don't know how many tears I can hold back! I like to thank you so much for those who care about us, helping us to list our meeting on their email lists and community sites even though we miss our deadlines.

I may not be able to write to everyone of you yet as I am still handling many tasks involved in our biggest event in Feb. And I have to do my homework on a new Press Release and Press Kit as our sponsor Hurricane Electric is waiting for patiencely.

Too bad I can't add some javascript there. Or else I would have dropped some love and kisses here!

We just hit our 100 mark online registration today.

Founder of SVWB


I like to thank Mike Ryan, Chairman & Managing Partner of Executive Impact Group, to rescue me last week. Mike recommended Dmitriy Kruglyak as a speaker for our discussion panel.

Mike is one of the most respectful executives in healthcare startup communities.

Dmitriy Kruglyak is leading the blogging trend in healthcare and building a healthcare blog network.

Thank you Mike for your recommendation even you are so busy with your travelling. Thank you Dmitriy for your acceptance on a short notice.

Founder of SVWB


I like to thank Robert Scoble for accepting our speaker invitation last year. Well, accidents do happen. Robert informs me that he has to travel to some sort of Demo.

I do like to acknowledge our Publisher Chair Frank Elley for his extra work to prepare a professional bio from wikipedia for our speaker Robert Scoble. The bio is written by Frank Elley and published at Robert Scoble's wiki, http://scobleshow.wetpaint.com. I like to thank Thomas Hawk, CEO of Zooomr, for allowing me to pick and use his best photo for Robert Scoble's bio photo.

At last, I must thank Ben Elowitz, CEO of Wetpaint, and his team for assisting Robert Scoble on his wiki. Not only Wetpaint has served us a very nice home for SVWB, but they also help our speaker too.

Thank you, thank you and thank you.

Founder of SVWB


Hillary Clinton Asks: Based on your own family's experience, what do you think we should do to improve health care in America?

Good timing. When I invite Dmitriy Kruglyak to fill in for Robert Scoble on the discusion panel, I feel that I lose a star speaker but at the same time I gain something I am passionate about - healthcare. I have been thinking hard about how Web can improve healthcare.

With Yahoo Answer technology and user base, it is a case study to demonstrate how fast you can get responses using social media.

"Senator Clinton asked her question 22 hours ago and already has over 24,000 responses (with 12 days of Answering remaining)." http://www.searchenginejournal.com/?p=4318

Results are incredible and impressive but the technology won't save lives.

How can we use existing web technology to save lives? reduce healthcare cost.

I like to see "Turning our Mobile/iPhone into Medical Alert Device" by mashing up web 2.0 technology.

To be continue...

Founder of SVWB


I am not involved in the discussion panel. I hope my personal insights will give light to those who care about our healthcare and the future.

Healthcare is one of the root causes for Poverty. There are chances to utilize web technology to improve healthcare while social security bankruptcy remains hopeless to be resolved.

Mobile Strategy: 2 Internet Access Points
1. Immediate Term - IM
2. Longer Term - Mobile Browser

The key to save lives is to get patients receiving medical treatments in the quickest responses. The longer the patients are waiting for medical treatments, the cost of surviving is higher.

Founder of SVWB


When you are in medical crisis, you may not have the ability to speak clearly and loud in situations like car accidents, mud slides, floods, fire, heart attacks, etc.

If we can build in IM features to provide medical intelligence directly from patients with simple key strokes (no complicated text input), it would prepare hospital staffs and doctors in a better position to save lives.

IM features
-enable to show patient location via wireless network
-link to map showing closest hospitals and urgent care clinics with phone contact - with driving direction & with least traffic route
-link to show clinics that accept uninsured and consumer-driven healthcare plans
-show degree of medical condition - light to life threatening
-show type of medical condition - bleeding, fracture, burns, etc
-show location of medical condition - head, neck, upper body, legs etc

Founder of SVWB


If Social Networking is to improve your relationship and alert your love life status, then Healthcare Networking is to improve your chance of survival and alert your health life status.

Why Web 2.0 attracts so much funding in Social Networking while so little being done in Healthcare Networking? Why Government award energy innovation and not healthcare innovation?

I urge our Government to put healthcare at top priority, to give significant incentives and more grants for tech companies and startups to invest healthcare technology. The longer the government wait, the cost of lost opportunity will be higher.

IM reporting disasters using digg-like voting
-allow users to report location/date/time of disaster
-no. and frequency of votes will be useful stat for hospitals and police to estimate the accuracy, scale, scope and type of disasters
eg. entire floor, entire building, multiple buildings
-comments from users will help authority to locate and identify no. of injured and deaths

To be continued...

Founder of SVWB


Welcome Bill Gates to join the micropayment game. If this move helps site owners to breakeven and be profitable in shorter time, more businesses can benefit from it. Just hope it would not be another Desperate Housewives Google Checkout.


I have very little time to cover a few product features on "Mobile as Alternative Medical Alert Device". I can see a much bigger plan that can tie advertising revenues to support such healthcare mashup system. This could be a lucrative market targeting retiring baby boomers.

We exceed our target with over 150 registrations. Team! Good job!


What exactly will be discussed at this event? The title "Beoyond Web 2.0 - Back to the Future" doesn't explain much to me. Will the speakers be speaking about the respective field or company they represent? What's the agenda?


On the presentation side we have agreed on the following style: 2 Slide Powerpoint presentation. TV David Letterman show style 1st slide - Top 10 List - Prediction for 2007. 2nd slide - 5-10 year Forcast about how web technology driving our future.

Our speakers are aware of the facts that we will be passing our notes from this meeting to our browser vendors next meeting. We are living within the boundary of browser and what browsers allow us to build.

In the future there will be many cross-overs from Desktop OS to Web OS, from Desktop Application to Web Application, from desktops to mobiles, portable players, and home compliances. How can Web 2.0 work seamlessly regardless of hardwares, OS, and browser types? How can we make browser more intelligent than reading RSS and logging web 1.0 metrics with Web 2.0 demands like Video, Flash, AJAX? Many questions remain unanswered. This is time we have the chance to think and discuss about innovations.

May be you can share your experience from Thin Computing http://www.wyse.com/thincomputing/.

Sorry we didn't have much chance to prepare our event description detail.

We stop promoting our event a week ago after hitting our target. We have received over 160 registrations. Please bring your copy of registration.