25 Maiden Lane
San Francisco, California 94108

With December comes the holidays. While most enjoy spending time with their familes, digesting their massive dinners and unwrapping gifts, a select few of us shiver ourselves to sleep alone. Not any more.

The Bastard Christmas Party celebrates our lives away from our familes. No crying babies, no annoying cousins, no long-lost aunts and uncles. We like to think of it as Egg Nog for the Remainder. A tribute to all of those who had the good sense to avoid the holiday shopping lines and the crowded airports and highways. Sure, we're bastards - but we're entitled.

Join us for the Christmas Party designed just for you, you selfish bastard ;) There won't be any gifts, and anyone seen wearing a Santa Hat will be shot. What we will have is a mix of people even Santa can't forget. There will be drinking and plenty of "missletoe" for your enjoyment.

To add a little twist to the mix, we'll also be celebrating the birfday of our good friend and contributor, Brian Solis.

This jam is being brought to you by the fine folks at bub.blicio.us. Our ears will be delightfully entertained by (dj) Mr. Grant and other talented elves.

Added by inrsence on November 30, 2006



Not sure if I'll be in town ....


It's ok.. we'll drink enough for you Jer.


Bugger me - the date didn't click when we were chatting about it yesterday, but Chris and I will be in NYC on the 18th. :/



*$&#*$&#$* mechastreisand


Just my kind of party!


I hope the Bastards In Attendance are up for some in person social networking -- I'm bringing "my goals are" stickers as a "live" beta test to see what happens (when people talk about stuff like that in person).

Daniel Riveong

Otis is my after-work drinking spot, so even the more reason to go there after work!


Bring one, bring all.




Wow, a party with my favorite word in the title - this is awesome. See Y'all there


Zat waz schweet