425 Second St., #300
San Francisco, California 94107

Are you an online superhero and are begging to tell the world the origins of your identity?

Come unmask yourself!

12 people will be chosen to present for 5 minutes on:

1. Who are you online?
2. How do you wish to be seen?
3. Why did you decide to pick this identity?
4. Do you have advice for those searching for their inner avatar?

Feel free to be as creative or instructive as you want (video and interpretive dance encouraged).

At the end of the 12X5 rounds, and if the crowd isn't too restless, we will open the floor for any old avatar to get up and have their say in lightening rounds.

Wine and beer will be lightly served and munchies provided. You bring the stories.

Post your desire to present below.

::inspired by 20x2 & notorious online persona, merlinmann

Added by msrogue on November 28, 2006



We have in our lineup thusfar:

theryanking (riveting story!)
dotBen (pre-les blogs...the history)


Another one to add to the lineup:

thepartycow (it's all about origins)


I volunteer to give an intro on the broader subject of alternative online identities, in particular, I would spend 5 minutes on:

Alternative Online Identities
1. Who are they?
2. How to respect them - etiquette
3. Why do people make them? (why you might want to)
4. How to create one

In addition, I think the overall session would benefit from a more diverse set of presentations on "Defining the Self in a Virtual World: Online Personas" in general, rather than strictly limiting it to specific "unmaskings". What do people think?


Cool. I'd love that.

Ryan can't make it now...so we still need people to step up. :)

C'mon...don't be scared!



I'd be interested in addressing the perspective of integration, living the unmasked life, trying to adjust one's offline life to match the creativity/variety of online personas.


is this an ongoing thing or just today? sounds sort of interesting. not sure i'll be back to the city by 7pm though.


It's only today for now...but if it goes well, we may do it again in the future. If you can't be here by 7, that should be fine. We will most likely be gathering and mingling until 7:30 anyway.



I'd be interested in knowing if someone will be recording or summarizing this event.


@veeliam: people are already being asked to 'unmask' in a small public group! They might not want to do so in front of camera!


@dotben: good point. I was thinking more audio than video.


raines there is no unmasked life! not in that sense. check out a book called "the presentation of self in everyday life," super core to this conversation.. wish i could be there tonight, great idea