760 2nd Street
San Francisco, California

The Bubble-Free Bar Crawl is a celebration of our sacrifice. This event is for everyone toiling late at night to launch their own startup and take a piece of the pie. Most importantly, it's a time for you to bring all those who are supporting you out for a good time and a thank you.

The Crawl will focus on the emerging tech corridor in downtown SF. There seems to be a huge number of startups cropping up and down 2nd Street. We're starting at the Embarcadero and moving our way towards Market.

We'll be hitting these places:

5:00 pm - Web 2.2 Conference / Citizen Space Open House
6:00 pm - Momo's
6:45 pm - Nova
7:30 pm - Bacar
8:15 pm - Thirsty Bear
9:00 pm - House of Shields

We welcome anyone and everyone, just bring a friend, a happy disposition, and be on time.

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Official Website: http://www.socialtwister.com/2006/10/27/event-bubble-free-bar-crawl-nov-10-6pm/

Added by inrsence on October 27, 2006



Bubble free? Does that mean no champagne? (I mean, I have things to celebrate).


As the postcard says.. "The only bubbles are in your glass" - so you can have all the champagne you can hold for sure!


I really like beer, and I really like tech, but most of all, I like drinking beer with techies. Count me in!


greg, does this mean you'll be busting a move tonight at appropriate venues with appropriate dancefloor/booty/tunes? flickr is calling you.


haha.. of course I am gonna bust a move tonight man. I just need that liquid courage flowing!