Peter House, St Peter's Square, Oxford Street
Manchester, England M1 5AN

Starting an internet business? Seasoned entrepreneur? Got the killer idea? Wondering what the 2.0 this and 2.0 that is all about? Looking for investment? Looking to invest?

What about SaaS? Do you know how many SaaS vendors have entered the market recently? Have you considered starting a business in this space?

Web 2.0 (mostly consumer driven) and SaaS (B2B) are the two main evolutions taking place right now.

Come along to the north-west's first and premier 2.0 networking event for an evening of conversation and potential dealmaking. We aim to encourage creative thinking. With input from Techcrunch's Sam Sethi (, internet original Ivan Pope now Snipperoo (, David Terrar of Twinfield and D Squared C ( and Manchester entrepreneur Manoj Ranaweera of ebdex (

The event will be sponsored by KPMG. Imran Ali, Strategy Director of Orange will be the keynote speaker. Stuart Bruce will provide podcasting in true web2.0 style.

Official Website:

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Please note that you need to first register as a user of before you can register for this event.


Will there be any presentations for existing web service companies or is it strictly 1-2-1 networking?


No presentations this time. May be one speaker - a well known local entrepreneur with few words of encouragement. 1to1 or groups as you wish


Can I request you to join the NW Start Up 2.0 and Start Up 2.0 groups, please? The intention is to use these two groups to create communities (one regional and the other national) where each of us can request and offer help.

For example (request), ebdex requires 3 exceptional senior personnel to take responsibility for sales and marketing, operation, and product and development.

For example (offer), I am happy to offer my knowledge and expertise to any other company, e.g in the areas of strategic planning, process improvement and channel development.


When can we know if you're charging for this event?


We will make this decision ASAP and no later than 1 week before the event.


Those who planned to attend or watch, can you introduce yourself on please. Say few words about your company/project and what your current needs are. This would be useful especially for the investment community when deciding to attend or not to attend. Same goes for other entrepreneurs.


At present, does not provide a facility to record your job title and company. This cause a problem in terms of printing name tags for the event. Therefore, could you please consider providing these two vital bits of information either through your profile or on the NW Start Up 2.0 group ( through introduction.


Imran Ali of Orange has been confirmed as the keynote speaker, and there will also be a panel with Q&A sessions.


Good luck with this. For those people wondering what SaaS is, I suggest having a look at

Hopefully the abvreviations are kept to a minimum for the investor community.


Great to hear a event like this at Manchester, hope to meet some great minds.


Event now covered on

Do take time to join, birth of another great networking forum




Would you like me to come along on the 23rd Nov and do a fun mini speednetworking session for you?

If you do drop me an email





I am happy to announce that this event will be sponsored by KPMG.

Stuart Bruce (or his friend) volunteered to do some podcasting.

Any further ideas?


John Burns from Haliwells promised to organise the name tags. If you do not tell me who you are and which company you work for, we have a problem of printing your name tags.


In case you did not get the message, the next event is on 15th March 07 at KPMG Manchester. Registration is through See you there!