3400 bryant irvin rd
Fort Worth, Texas

Over 40 artists - pottery, jewelry, glass art plus more crafts available for you to peruse and procure. Watch as the attending artists give wheel and hand-building demonstrations. You can join in the fun by purchasing a bisque piece (a hundred to choose from) and glaze it yourself. The Pottery studio will take over from there and raku fire it while you wait. And while you wait take a tour the studio, talk with the artists and get some wow chow (that's really good food). Sign up to win Smokey. (see picture on our website) And as a reward for reading this posting, bring in a print out for one free raffle entry. That’s right, this one-of-a-kind dragon for your very own. It only takes $1 per ticket or $5 for 6 tickets. (That’s for those who REALLY want Smokey.) And of course you have this posting for the one free entry*. He makes a great guard dragon, picks up after himself when he sheds scales and never slops water out of the toilet. ** For a reminder contact [email protected]. *disclaimer note about the one free raffle entry: that’s one free raffle entry per person. Just because you bring in a stack of copies with this posting, you still only get one free raffle entry. But thank you for trying. Better yet, bring the stack WITH a carload of people. **disclaimer note about Smokey: Smokey only is real to those who believe & talk to him. FYI, he’s short & can’t reach the toilet.

Official Website: http://www.lmrapotterystudio.com/potteryinthepark

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