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Featuring Marisa Olson and Paul Slocum of Tree Wave!

* Marisa Olson
Marisa Olson's performance-based work revolves around the shared histories of popular music, cinema, and sound recording technologies.Her interdisciplinary practice incorporates internet art, videos, audio recordings, drawings, and installations in tandem with
live performance, to make statements about life, communication, and the voice in contemporary digital culture. these works are often
infused with mixed metaphors about the relations between talent, fame, and failure. Marisa studied art at Goldsmiths College, History of Consciousness at UC Santa Cruz, and Rhetoric and Film Studies at UC Berkeley. Her work has most recently been presented by the Whitney Museum of American Art, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, the Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive, New Langton Arts, the Art Gallery of Knoxville, Side Cinema-UK, and the New York and Chicago Underground Film Festivals. She's also Editor & Curator at Rhizome.org, an organization celebrating its 10th anniversary of supporting the new media community. While Wired has called her both funny and humorous, the New York Times has called her "anything but stupid."

* Paul Slocum of Tree Wave.
Paul Slocum is a musician and new media artist living in Dallas. Computers and computer culture are often the medium and subject of his work. Some of his projects are The Dot Matrix Synth, an 80's dot matrix printer with re-programmed firmware to transform it into a sort of musical instrument, The Century Callback Project, a phone number that calls you back 8 times in a century, and The Time-Lapse Homepage, a video made with HTML. He is also half of the band Tree Wave that makes music and video with obsolete assembly-language-programmed computer and video game gear. Some of Paul's performances and exhibitions include Transitio MX (Mexico City), The New Museum of Contemporary Art (NY), Deitch Projects (NY), Le Confort Moderne (France), README 2005 (Denmark), The Liverpool Biennial, Eyebeam (NY), and Fluxfactory (NY).

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