City Point, 1 Ropemaker Street
London, England EC2Y 9AW

A whole night of the game which Simon Willison introduced to the London geek scene at BarCampLondon. Werewolf...

Werewolf is a game that takes place in a small village which is haunted by werewolves. Each player is secretly assigned a role - Werewolf, Villager, or Seer (a special Villager). There is also a Moderator player who controls the flow of the game. The game alternates between night and day phases. At night, the Werewolves secretly choose a Villager to kill. Also, the Seer (if still alive) asks whether another player is a Werewolf or not. During the day, the Villager who was killed is revealed and is out of the game. The remaining Villagers then vote on the player they suspect is a Werewolf. That player reveals his/her role and is out of the game. Werewolves win when there are an equal number of Villagers and Werewolves. Villagers win when they have killed all Werewolves. Werewolf is a social game that requires no equipment to play, and can accommodate almost any large group of players. - For more information about the game

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Added by cubicgarden on September 30, 2006



Is 11pm really late enough for the finish of this, Ian? ;)


There are some things we can do to make it run faster, if needed. It will depend to some extent on how many new players there are.


Who cares about making it run faster? I'm talking about being hardcore and playing 'til some silly o'clock regardless of how many games we've played within the allotted time :P


Well there are benches which are always there, so we could play till the first train, but it would get very cold.


just wander round to smithfields from there - bars and food places open all night for the meat trade!


Hummm that would be a good place to play werewolf too


You just gotta find yourself a night bus that goes a long way - and take over the whole top floor of the bus for Werewolfin'.


Guys it looks like we will be moving to another venue because the Bottlescrue seem to like shutting as early as possible now.

Keep an eye on the geekdinner site and I'll also change it here. Don't worry it will still be in London and I'll try and email you all to be sure you got the change.


looks like i'm going to miss this one :( though if you are still going at 3am maybe ill wander over ;)


Might be a good halloween for once! Should be a giggle so hope we get a nice place sorted out :>


I've changed the venue to a nice part of Digress City in Ropemaker street - Near Moorgate.


I'll be a bit late, but I should be there :)


likely to be their early ;> so hoping that they don't have pitchers on offer, I can't resist the value for money they provide!


I hope to be there from about 6pm - ish. please remember the VENUE has CHANGED! Goto Moorgate not Chancery Lane