155 Fell St
San Francisco, California 94102

Emma Pollock celebrates her solo debut on 4AD, after the dissolution of The Delgados, one of the most interesting and influential bands to emerge from the mid-90s Glasgow music scene.
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Crowded around their sage leader, the OFW give off the ease of a family band, though no member remotely resembles another. They're Dickensian orphans, then, who've gathered to put on a minstrel show and who've had to find a sound to fit their strange batch of instruments. The two red-blooded guitars and the drum kit give the songs a sturdy rock core when the band wishes it. But there are also, at points, a Paul McCartneystyle toy bass, an accordion, a triangle, a wailing keyboard, and a melodica, which pile into a haunted and seductive sort of antipop, mournful and klezmerish on a track like "Robot on Fire" but boppy, harmonic, and needing a restroom on "Take Your Fluids."
-SF Bay Guardian
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The Harbours are a band from the Mission, formed to play & record the songs of M. Zelaya. "Zelaya...fervently crafting fetching melodies with one ear pointed to the Band and Neil Young records of his childhood and the other pricked in the direction of the indie rock artists he holds in equally high regard. Second Story Maker is a fitting testament to these twin passions. These are songs on par with the finest work by Sloan, the Pernice Brothers, and Teenage Fanclub, fellow kindred spirits in reappropriating the sounds of their parents' record collections in thoughtful, energizing new fashions." --SF Bay Guardian

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