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Door Dog Music Productions presents the SAN FRANCISCO WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL bringing master musicians from different parts of the globe to the Bay Area for special concerts, workshops and more. This Fall in San Francisco, we will celebrate the Tenth Annual San Francisco World Music Festival in November 13-22, 2009, with an exciting gathering of some of the most interesting musicians in the world.

This year's commissioned work, which will premiere on November 22, 7PM, at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, is the "International Youth Music Initiative", which started last year after receiving a generous grant from the Sam Mazza Foundation, and since has traveled across the globe to unite the youth of the world through music. This initiative brings together youth from all over the Bay Area, 12-18 years of age, combining a diverse range of our world's musical traditions and cultures, from the ragas of North India to the choral music of Eastern Europe. In addition to investing in the youth of the Bay Area, the initiative has also traveled to the mountains of Nepal, rural Taiwan, and the mountains of Kyrgyzstan to pass on to underprivileged youth their traditional music. Within the next couple years, students from these regions will join the group performing in the Bay Area.

This dialogue between 100 youth and 12 masters from 4 countries, having diverse global perspectives, is an effort to promote and preserve ethnic music here in the Bay Area, as well as, to provide youth from oppressed or endangered cultures of the world a voice to express themselves through their traditional music. It is an effort to challenge and inspire our next generation to learn about the global issues facing their peers in their own communities and of those around the world.

Other Festival events include a Film Night on 11/13, 7pm; Songs of Kyrgyzstan on 11/15, 7pm; Festival Assembly Program on 11/16, 3pm; Tablas and more Tablas on 11/19, 8pm.

Official Website: http://www.sfworldmusicfestival.org

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