2948 16th Street
San Francisco, California 94103

Moe! Staiano's Moe!kestra! will celebrate 10 years of orchestrated cacophony with performances of Piece No.1: Death Of A Piano and the new composition, Piece No.9: When Terrie Had Six, based off of conducted improvisational notated performances from 2006. A before-show discussion/Q&A with Moe! Staiano will talk about the history and nature of Moe!kestra!. Presented by KFJC.

Both pieces (Piece No.1 & Piece No.9):
Chris Broderick ˆ Clarinet
Michael J. Dale ˆ Clarinet
Aaron Novik ˆ Bass Clarinet (clarinet on Piece No.1)
Scott Rosenberg ˆ Bass Clarinet (clarinet on Piece No.1)
Craig Demel - Violin
Dina Maccabee ˆ Violin
Emily Packard ˆ Violin
Karlyn DeSteno ˆ Viola
Tara Flandreau ˆ Viola
George Cremaschi ˆ Contrabass
Eli Crews - Contrabass

Tony Dryer ˆ Contrabass
Jason L. Hoopes ˆ Contrabass
Damon Smith ˆ Electric Contrabass
Marianne McDonald ˆ Harp
Kristian Aspelin ˆ Guitar
Michael de la Cuesta ˆ Guitar
Scott Evans ˆ Guitar
Alee O. Karim - Guitar
Jay Korber - Guitar
Ava Mendoza ˆ Guitar
Pat Moran - Guitar
Robin Hiroko Walsh ˆ Guitar
Alex Yeung ˆ Guitar
Vicky Grossi - Bass
David B. C. Leikam ˆ Bass
Allen Whitman ˆ Bass
Thomas Dimuzio ˆ Electronics
Travis Johns ˆ Electronics
Norman Teale ˆ Electronics
Jon Brumit ˆ Drums
John Hanes ˆ Drums
Jacob Felix Heule ˆ Drums
Sarah Lockhart ˆ Drums
Sheila McCarthy ˆ Drums
Thomas Scandura ˆ Drums
Eric Getter ˆ Percussion
Nathan Hubbard ˆ Percussion
Suki O'Kane ˆ Percussion
Phil Williams ˆ Percussion
Kevin Wiseman ˆ Percussion
Piece No.1 only:
Michael Cooke ˆ Saxophone
Phillip Greenlief ˆ Saxophone
Henry Kuntz ˆ Saxophone
Tim Perkis ˆ Saxophone
Jon Raskin ˆ Saxophone
Michael Zelner ˆ Saxophone
Loren Means - Trombone

Matt Davignon ˆ Drum machine
Robert Silverman - Theremin

Official Website: http://www.sleepytimegorillamuseum.com/moe/

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