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If you are new to freelancing, you are probably becoming aware that tax responsibility is "pay as you go." That is, when you make a buck, you owe the tax man immediately.

However, our wonderful government allows us to save up our tax due 3 whole months, and pay it quarterly! Gee whiz!

In any case, April 16 is the due date for the first quarterly payment of 2007. Due date. They need to cash your check by April 16.

In the coworking community spirit, I am offering some 1041-SE (SE == "self=employed") support at The Hat Factory. We'll work our way through the form with the goal of having the year's tax burden estimated, and hopefully your first payment ready to go. You will need at least the following:

* W2 pays stubs for 2007 if you have any wages to date.

* Year 2006 1040 and 540.

* 1040 and 540 SE forms (downloadable)

* 2 Stamped envelopes (Fed and CA)

* Checkbook (as a freelancer, you *will* owe money)

* Maybe more, will update this next week

Cost of workshop is $15/person, which goes to cover Hat Factory space for workshop, and snacks, and dinner at 6:30.

Space limited to 8 people.

I will post more information on hatfactory blog.

Official Website: http://hatfactory.net

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