915 SW Stark
Portland, Oregon

Refresh Portland is a monthly talk (held every 2nd Wednesday) about design, front-end development, usability and web standards.

Our first session will feature Tyler Sticka, an award-winning designer, artist, speaker and educator specializing in identity-driven new media.

Our topic: “Through the Looking-Glass: How the web is and ought to be.” This presentation will establish the current state of the web, it’s successes and limitations, and a bright future rooted in ever-expanding openness and community

Refresh Portland is part of the Refreshing Cities Movement.

Official Website: http://refreshportland.org

Added by Bram Pitoyo on August 23, 2008



Hope to see you all there!


Bummer. This is scheduled over werewolf, and I don't miss werewolf :) I'm hoping that you aren't set on the 2nd Wed of every month?

Bram Pitoyo

Dawn, that’s a very good concern. Another event, AIGA dMob, is also happening on the 2nd Wednesday of every month.

And not being able to attend an interesting event (and lynch some werewolfs) is not a good thing! ;)

Lyza Danger Gardner

I have a Powell's event that evening, but I'll definitely try to hit the drinking portion of the night at Henry's. Good new group, much needed!

Bram Pitoyo


Wondering if your Powell’s event that evening recurs monthly? We’ve been hearing some words about the unavailability of that day, so I want to check with everyone.

Hope to se you there!


This event conflicts with dMob. Hmm.