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Sunnyvale, California CA

Yahoo! Open Hack Day is a festival of hacking, camping (the real tent kind), music, and good times, sponsored by the Yahoo! Developer Network.

Registration: The registration doors will open at 9am on Friday.

Developer Workshop: Classes and presentations begin at 10am. The full schedule is posted on the YUI blog.

Camping: Camp setup begins at 5:30pm on Friday.

Friday night entertainment: special guest!

DEMOS: Hacking stops at 3pm Saturday afternoon, and the demos then begin!

Saturday night: Adrian + the Mysterious D (aka A+D), mashup DJs extraordinaire, will be spinning for us! (see http://www.rebeldjs.com/).

Official Website: http://hackday.org/

Added by chaddickerson on August 26, 2006



This sounds like fun, I am watching


Yahoo! Publisher Network hearts Yahoo! Hack Day


We're getting a group from Chicago to attend, via the growing web2.0 scene there. If you are from the Chicago area, please leave a comment at Techsocial.com!

Also, I hope to see many of you Midwesterners at the next TECHcocktail. Silicon Valley can't have all the fun (-;


Can't make it to Yahoo! Hack Day? BarCampMilwaukee is going on at the same time. Maybe we can do that "online collaboration" thing I keep hearing about... :)


Do I know how to hack? Um...


I will plan on attending. Ideally I'd like to hack on a project I started at the MashPit SF (and BarCamp SF) earlier this year, NELA - Never Eat Lunch Alone. The idea is to take a global "in the cloud" addressbook, geocode it, and then offer a web (and mobile friendly) interface to create adhoc groups from your contacts and send them a quick, simple invitation to join you in a near term social group gathering - i.e. "meet me this afternoon for coffee along with 10 other interesting colleagues")

So to do this initially we will start with a global addressbook, such as Plaxo's (or any others that have read/write API's) and combine it with one or more geocoding services, then also build a simple interface that assumes a geocoded addressbook and then does a single geocode (to get where you are when you contact the system) and uses that to query your addressbook.

Future enhancements might include linking to api accessible services for suggestions for local retail (wifi available for example) locations, services to send messages via forms other than email (sms for example but also IM) and links into location aware services such as dodgeball or plazes for the subset of your contacts who participate in those services to match them based on where they ARE vs where your addressbook thinks they are.


(p.s. a ride from SF to the Yahoo offices would be greatly appreciated!)


I used to work at Yahoo!


i would like to find my self a job from Yahoo, i like hacking but i don't knw what it takes to be , in my experience now in IT, i don't knw where i can find it else but only with yahoo. help me if you are there and send all detailed information and sponsorship for this.


If only this was in the UK....




Anyone heard anything about admission quota or other final details?

It is about time for out-of-towner such as myself to book their flight.


we're sending out invites this week by Thursday morning (Pacific Time). If anyone has special circumstances and needs to know earlier, please email me.


Sharp plans to offer hackers tools to add output and input capabilities to their hacks. We leveraged Yahoo! tech and content throughout the Sharp sample code. I trust the invitations will provide facilities information, our MFPs and LCDs are not as portable as our notebooks.


Foo camp but southerly and with DJs. :) Neat!


In the spirit of felix1's comment, I am going to be cryptic and bizarre. Digg is a web2.0 company, and as such, we are encamped on the border between web1.0 and web3.0, which is on the horizon. A TPS report will be furnished with every cover sheet. I trust the Bobs will fill you in on the detail if you need management to clarify any of the finer points. Our cars do, after all, only carry so many passengers. Please respond via voicemail if the Bobs are unavailable for comment at the time of press.


hi folks -- I'm still trickling out some invites over regular email and the Upcoming internal mail system. If you're set as "watching" and want to be considered for the final list, please change to "attending." If you need to make travel plans and haven't heard yet, drop me a line. Thanks.


This is gonna be great! I already RSVP'd via email, and I'm coming all the way from Purdue University (Indiana) and flying into San Francisco...I'm gonna stop by Chinatown :)

If anyone's driving from there, I'd be happy to throw down for the gas, otherwise I'll just Caltrain it.


sounds like some good fun


This definitely sounds like a fun time.


I can't wait to go. I'm waiting on my invite. I'm working on a mashup using YUI and the search api to create something I can only dub "groovy"


I should be there on at least Friday to help out with any Upcoming.org API questions.


We should get our Guitar Hero on.


uhhm it's sound gr8 ..


Anyone have a couch I can crash on Thursday and possibly Saturday night?


sounds interesting. Maybe I'll find some people who want to do this a Burning Man next year check out http://www.brchc.com


Wow...the schedule for friday just got released...count me in for all day.

Does anyone know if we can crash again on Saturday night at Yahoo! (that is, if we sleep)


ok can someone tell me whos the secret band already


i noticed the Download Festival is at Shoreline on Saturday which makes me wonder if the secret Friday night entertainment might be someone who is in town anway. Beck? The Shins? Wolfmother? Beck! Yes, Beck! Please let it be Beck.


pretty good guess, talkcrunch mentioned it was someone who had a new album coming out


hey pitdevil, we're shutting things down Saturday night, so y'all will need to find another place to crash on Saturday night. See you there!


### Call for Hackers!

Hack with mobile photo capture - simply by writing a web service!

ZoneTag is a cameraphone application (a research prototype from Yahoo! Research Berkeley, if you are wondering) that uploads photos with tags and location information to Flickr. Action Tags are tags that make something happen. Entering or selecting an action tag from your phone triggers a call to a web service.

What's it to you?

You (Hacker) will hack up a web service to do cool things with photos.

We hook up your hacked-up web service to the ZoneTag Action Tags framework in a matter of minutes.

Voila! You (Hacker) have just created a mobile-cameraphone-photo-fancy-schmancy-client-application-whatever-hack goodness without having to do any painful mobile programming.

Huh, you say?

ZoneTag Action Tags: http://www.flickr.com/groups/zonetagusers/discuss/72157594213049684/

Now, we know you can hack a cooler web service than rotating a photo or email the Flickr link. So, give us a shout-out for details at [email protected]. We'll be on hand at Hack Day to help you out, bring you cookies and cheer you on. We may even have a limited number of Nokia 6682s with data plans for you to test your hack on.

Oh yeah. Best ZoneTag hack gets a Bluetooth GPS device (not the phone) - but we know that this is not what motivates you.


We should get our Guitar Hero *and* our Mario Kart on, so bring your DS, too!


Just sent out a whole bunch of confirmation messages; we apologize (again) for any duplication. Please get those RSVPs in as soon as possible, if you haven't done so already.


Don't forget your Nintendo DS's


Would like to join in on the fun as well! :)


I'd love to come, count me in! http://hypertexthero.com


yeah, me too please....


waiting for my invite!


This is going to be great fun. Anybody interested in doing a phone/web mashup might be interested in Tellme Studio which is a free VXML platform for developing voice reco apps. It's accessible via POTS, SIP, RTP, or Skype. Check out https://studio.tellme.com/ for more details.

I'll need to find a bigger tent! :-D


Signed up!!
Waiting for my invite!


waiting for the invite.


hey how come i havnt got an invitation yet? chaddickerson do you have any idea?


hey khoont, we're still sending out a few invites (but not very many!) If you're marked as "attending" we'll get to you. For logistics reasons, though, we've mostly shut down the invite process.

One note to everyone: we'll need to know your full name when you show up. You can either 1) email it us via Upcoming or 2) update your profile with your full name and we'll handle it (the latter is preferred as we're getting a lot of email these days)


How do I sign up for this event?


Name entered, does that mean I get an invite now?


Waiting for my invite !!
Wouldn't want to miss out !!


I have applied yesterday, but have not received confirmation, can I come tomorrow?


shit. There goes the collective intelligence of SF... leaving it ripe for a Bridge & Tunnel take over. Thanks a frickin' lot, Yahoo!


Hack the Speak & Spell!

irina slutsky

i'm actually attending but i forgot to mark it as attending in time :(


I'm marked as attending, but haven't received a confirmation... what's the deal?


I'm here at the event, and it looks like the concert is going to be open for anyone. I heard staff was all invited, and it doesn't look there's any kind of ticket or registration process.

There are boxes with Beck labels, so it seems pretty obvious whose coming. And the rumors are all over the place.

We're told it starts at 8.


Concert was dope!


Beck was awesome! I wanted to see the puppet stage close up to see how many levels of tinyness the puppets-of-puppets and puppets-of-puppets-of-puppets etc went.


first tom cruise, now beck. what's up with all the scientologists visiting yahoo...?


I visited last night to eat the leftover pizza. Man, if you guys like this, you should try the DevHouse (shdh.org). :P


Chad, Kent, Bradley, Tara and all the rest of the Yahoo folks - thanks for a great Hack Day. Well done! This event rocked! (and not just because of Beck ;)

I second progrium's suggestion. If you enjoyed this weekend's experience, and thirst for more of the same, consider checking out the next SHDH and/or BarCamp, and bring your hacks.

UPDATE: blog post on Leah and my Flickr / Yahoo! Mail API beta Photo Postcard Hack.


Good job everyone, and congrats Chad. You earned that superSTAR!


Thanks to everyone for coming -- hope you had as much fun being there as we had putting it on. The whole thing rocked my world in a million good ways. It was great seeing everyone's hacks. It felt like inviting your friends over to cook in your kitchen.

As for Beck, I'm a long-time fan and knew we had the right guy for Hack Day (the stories I could tell about getting him. . . . ), but I knew he was perfect when I heard a song from his not-yet-released album and one of the lyrics was "corrupted files from galactical planets." (The cut is "1000BPM")


Man, what a great time. How will you ever be able to top it next year?


I'm working on the Rapture.

Not the band, the actual Rapture: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rapture

At the end of the event, all hackers will ascend to heaven.

Interested 551